Lake and Mountain Flight
T Sayer Revision 2.9
Tel/Text 561-634-0866
Group outings are welcome and shorter flights can be arranged to ensure the whole  group flies  within a reasonable time-scale
With the engine stopped  the aircraft can be glided  like a hang glider into any convenient field  - a great safety feature - the glide capability will be demonstrated with engine running at idle
As part of the flight the Aircraft Controls will be explained and it will be possible  for you to control the aircraft in gently turns, climbs and descents - you will see how stable and easy it is to fly this type of aircraft
Great for all ages,14 to 82 have participated  - only limit is a maximum passenger weight of 220 lb
Great value prices start at $119 - better value and fun  than similar air experience flights such as tandem Hang Glider or Parachute  jumps which are hundreds of dollars for a few minutes air time. 
Air Experience Flights with great views of Lake Lanier and the Georgia Mountains
Flight is a great Birthday or Special Occasion gift - gift certificates are available
Light Sport Flying is controlled by the FAA Aircraft is a FAA Approved Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Pilot is a FAA Certified Instructor - with over 2000 hours flying Light Aircraft Aircraft maintained by FAA Certified Aircraft & Power (A&P) Technician FAA  mandated 100 hour Maintenance Inspections For those interested in reading the FAA provides a free down load FAA-H-8083-5 - Weight Shift Control Flying Handbook -
For those who like technical details P&M Aviation, the aircraft manufacturer’s web site, provides plenty of details on the aircraft and the sport
If you get the flying bug then Sport Pilot Flight training and support is available from Atlanta Sport Flying LLC
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See Georgia from as low as 500Ft to as high as 5000Ft all in a single Flight
Light Sport Flying is regulated by the FAA and is extremely safe
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